Responses to Crumbs
Thanks so much for watching! As this is a new play in development I welcome any and all feedback as I think about what to change as I start submitting the script to theatre companies. If you'd rather have a conversation please reach out to Feel free to skip questions or just put all your thoughts into the additional comments section if you don't have things to say about the guided questions.
What were your responses to the Narrator's monologues? Did the narrator character have a strong enough throughline or do I need to be more overt in what she is doing and why she is sharing these thoughts?
What were your responses to Hannah and Greta? Early drafts had the comment that their arcs were a little too circular, so I've gone back to make their portions less repetitive. Was their character arc clear in the version presented today?
I am also interested in the blend of fantasy/reality that happens in retelling the familiar story, hopefully, through a new perspective. Was this an effective use of story-telling? If so, how did it resonate with you?
I am still conceptualizing the Her Brother character as a link between the two worlds of this play. Right now his essential function is to make the play happen on Zoom without having to read stage directions that would be difficult/impossible to show on Zoom, but I do want him to be more than that. Do I need to give Her Brother more to do? And how might Her Brother's role change for an in-person production?
Any additional comments
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