Pre-Kindergarten Southside Intake Form 2024-2025
Thank you for completing this form to indicate that you are interested in having your child placed in Pre-Kindergarten with Edmonton Public Schools. This form is to collect some initial information and put you on our waitlist. Once your information is reviewed you will be contacted to talk about your child's eligibility for the Pre-Kindergarten Program. If English is not your strongest language, you can use Google Translate ( ) to help you understand the questions better. This form will take 5 minutes to complete. 
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How did you find out about Pre-Kindergarten? (For example: a website, through Early Intervention, from a friend, a doctor or health care provider). *
Does your child have a diagnosis? (For example: speech or language delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down's Syndrome, behaviour disorder).  *
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What developmental concerns do you have for your child? Examples of developmental concerns are challenges with things such as speech, language, social interaction, or physical development. *
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