CS 451 Quiz 28
Intro to deep learning, NN basics, broadcasting
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What example application is used in the video "What is a neural network"? *
What nonlinear activation function is used in the video "What is a neural network"? *
What's the difference between structured data and unstructured data? *
"Scale drives deep learning progress" -- what does "scale" refer to? *
Better algorithms and faster computers have helped speed up what "cycle"? *
Which of the following computations can be expressed with a computation graph? Check all that apply. *
To compute the derivative of the final output variable in a computation graph, we perform a *
What does "broadcasting" mean? *
Using Matlab / Octave notation, which of the following are legal operations when broadcasting is used? Check all that apply *
If x is a "rank 1 array" whose shape is "(5,)", then x is equal to its transpose: x.T == x *
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