Puppet Enterprise Upgrade Estimate
Thank you for your interest in a budgetary estimate for engaging Puppet Professional Services to upgrade to the latest Puppet Enterprise release. Our Professional Services Team can help:

• Expedite the upgrade process
• Mitigate risk
• Reduce burden on internal resources

Please help us prepare your budgetary estimate by:
1. Running the mod_upgrade_check module before beginning this form. Uploading the results of running that module is a requirement for submitting this form. For more information on this module please see https://forge.puppet.com/liamjohnsexton/mod_upgrade_check.

2. Completing and submitting this form. Providing information about your environment may take about 15 minutes. Please ensure you have uploaded the results from running mod_upgrade_check at the end!

If you prefer to provide this information directly we can schedule a scoping call or if you have questions please contact us at upgradepuppet@puppet.com.
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What version of Puppet Enterprise are you running? *
This information can be found on the Puppet Enterprise console.
How many active nodes are in your current Puppet environment? *
This can be found on the 'Status' tab on the Puppet Enterprise console.
How many separate Puppet infrastructures/stacks exist in your Puppet environment? *
What architecture is currently implemented in your Puppet Enterprise environment? *
Find architectures unique to your Puppet Enterprise version here: https://puppet.com/docs/pe/latest/choosing_an_architecture.html
What OS is your Puppet infrastructure using today? *
What is your target OS platform and architecture for the Puppet Enterprise migration? (Please fill out if in-place upgrade of your infrastructure is NOT possible)
What are the internal process and requirements for upgrading your Puppet environment? *
What are the OS types & their versions in-scope for managed nodes that need to be upgraded? *
Is Puppet’s high availability (HA) feature implemented? *
Is CD4PE implemented? *
Please list third-party integrations with your current Puppet environment, such as CI/CD, vro/vra plugin, etc, or enter "none". *
Are there any custom API scripts that exist in the current environment? *
Please upload the results from running the mod_upgrade_check module here:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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