Hayashen Armenian Youth Club (HAYC) Parental Feedback Questionnaire 2020/21
1. How far would you agree with the following statements…
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
Helps my child socialise/ interact with other youth
Helps my child learn new things for his/her personal development
My child has learnt more about Armenian history/culture since attending
My child has more ideas about what he/she might do in the future now
My child is able to obtain any other advice/support about further education/work place experience, volunteering/etc.
Clear selection
2. Gives chance to my child to become involved in how HAYC operates
Clear selection
3. Offers safe, secure & friendly environment for my child
Clear selection
4. My child enjoys the outings/celebrations HAYC organises
Clear selection
5. The regular emails/texts/Facebook and other communications are useful sources of information about HAYC activities/events
Clear selection
6. Me and my child find HAYC staff welcoming & knowledgeable
Clear selection
7. What improvements can we make (we welcome any general comments and suggestions)
8. Please provide us with your contact details (optional)
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