CGMF School of Faith Quick Quiz

Book of John
Chapter 12             New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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The Anointing of Jesus takes place at about what time? *
Who gave the dinner for Jesus? *
John seems to combine two traditions about Christ's anointing. *
In the Markan version anointing an ______________   _____________ protests the woman's waste of the perfume. *
Who was recognized by the scriptures ( v. 6 ) as the accountant of the disciples? *
John's gospel alone testifies to the use of branches, or palm branches during Jesus Triumphal Entry? *
What Old Testament scripture is Jesus fulfilling when He rides into the city on a donkey? *
What " ism " is being defined in this statement? Man's blind, unguided groping after God. The wild guessing at what God may be like. An abortive attempt to interpret character and conduct of God from the distorted viewpoint of a man still in the darkness of his own sin and despair. *
Jesus is spoken to by the Father in three New Testament passages. Here is one, what are the other two occasions?
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How is Satan described as in ( v. 31 )?
 John 12:36 ( NKJV ) While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” These things Jesus spoke, and departed, and was ________ _________ ___________. ( Fill in the missing words. )
The gospels are some of the earliest written books of the New Testament. However, they were written anonymously scholars seem to agree.
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Other gospels were written as well, the majority of them not. Name another that was not part of New Testament Canon.
What did you find most interesting about John 12 you'd like to relate?
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