I believe that the classroom should be an area where you should be able to learn without feeling fearful or diminished by my actions or those of fellow students: Examples of this include teasing, name calling, or physical violence.
Were you subjected to this teasing, taunting, or bullying from your peers in my classroom?
Did not experience
Experienced an unacceptable amount of this behavior
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between playful teasing and unhealthy behaviors. Do you feel that I detected bullying behavior?
You detected all bullying behavior
Bullying behavior went unnoticed in your classroom
Did I handle bullying behavior, or did I appear to overlook it or otherwise not put a stop to it?
You always put an end to bullying behavior quickly.
You didn't stop bullying behavior and let it take place in the classroom
Anonymous Comments or Details that would be helpful:
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Did you ever feel for your physical safety in my classroom?
Did your fear for your safety come from a fellow student?
No fear from fellow students
Always fearful because of another student
Did your fear for your safety come from another source outside of your student peers?
No fear from outside sources
Always fearful because of outside sources
Anonymous Comments or Details that would be helpful in making you feel safer in the future:
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