What’s the Right Price: Freelance journalism survey
Help us bring transparency to the industry by identifying average prices for freelance work paid around the world. We’re looking to help journalists, photographers, videographers and fixers clarify the going rates. This way you know what to charge and clients will offer you appropriate wages.

**Following the completion of the survey, we will publish our results and create a price listing that you’ll be able to use to help you in charging clients.

HackPack.press is a global community that connects publications and companies with journalists, photographers and videographers so they can tell the stories that matter.

This survey is a part of our activities to support the media industry and create a bit of stability in a turbulent world. All responses are anonymous.

Describe the scope of the most recent project you have completed and been paid for in the past year (August 1, 2016 - September, 2017). Article, photoshoot, video shoot, translations, sub-editing etc. *
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What was the format of the project? *
What language(s) was the material produced in? *
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Which country was the material produced in? *
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Please indicate the website of the client/publication who commissioned the work *
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How much were you paid for the project and in what currency? (Please specify if it is by character, word, article, 8-hour day, per photo, etc.) *
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How soon after submission were you paid for your work? *
In what form was the payment made? Cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Transferwise, etc. *
How did the pay compare to payments you have received for similar projects from other publications? *
What is your role ? *
How many years have you spent in the profession? *
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