Questionaire for the Development of Farmers Self Help Groups In India
The EWI Development Initiative Foundation focuses on North East India Development with the involvement of the Western Region (ie. Mumbai & Pune, for the present) We request you to provide your feedback in the format below so that we may be of assistance to you in setting up Farmers Self Help Groups in your district.

For any further clarifications / information regarding this survey please call 022-22672561 and speak with the survey officer East West Interconnect and/or email and send the listed information in a document format.
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1. What farming products do you produce? Details? *
2. What produce do you grow each year? Please indicate the name, variety, acreage yield and months of availability for each fruit or vegetable that you grow:
Produce Name *
example: Apple
Variety Name *
example: Gala
Acreage Yield *
example: 1 acre 25 bushels
Months of Availability *
example: September to November
3. Do you produce Cattle / Pigs / Goats / Poultry / Fish / other animals? Details? *
4. Is this for personal/ family consumption or sold commercially? Details? *
5. Are you currently selling your produce at other markets, to food suppliers, wholesalers, or stores (i.e. Quality Produce Company, farmer’s markets, retail shops, etc.)? If yes, where (or who) do you sell your produce to and what types of produce do you sell? Details? *
6. How do you determine the price of your product? *
7. Are you selling at, above, or below the retail price? *
8. Are the crops produced seasonal? Yes / No? If yes, which crops (names and details of each crop)? *
9. What is the yearly production? *
10. What is your average annual income? *
11. Describe the soil quality with the detail report *
12. From where are the seeds supplied? *
13. Is there adequate supply of fertilizers and pesticides? *
14. Describe your water management system & source/s of water? Details? *
15. How do you extend the length of your growing season? *
i.e. do you grow produce in a greenhouse
16. Are you able to sell your products year-round? If yes, please indicate how. *
i.e. do you purchase products from any states to sell during the winter months
17. Is there excess capacity on your farm that you could plant specifically for a farm program? Become a outsourced supplier on contract? *
18. Can you scale up / increase your production? Do you currently have surplus produce that you could sell? If yes, what? Details *
19. What types of value-added processing methods do you currently do to your produce? *
20. Do you have the capacity to do additional processing to make your product acceptable for sale? *
i.e. pre-washing, pre-cutting, packaging or processing your product in any way
21. Do you sell processed products? *
i.e. apple juice, dried fruit etc.
22. Are you a member of a cooperative? If yes, please indicate the cooperative name. *
23. What infrastructure do you have to deliver product to schools? *
24. What are the farm equipments used by you? *
25. What are your sources of finance? *
26. Do you take money from the money lenders, how do you repay them? *
27. Are you aware of agro financing and banking channels? *
28. Describe your experience with Govt. agencies? Details? *
29. Please tell us anything else we should know about your farm or your farm products. *
30. Are you willing to work as a cooperative, being a social entrepreneurship effort? *
31. Are you interested in having foodservice directors visit your farm to meet you, to see first-hand what you grow, and to discuss future business opportunities? *
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Address : *
City : *
State : *
Phone : *
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