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The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) is a democratic, national, membership organisation whose vision is to unite, inspire and serve the Muslim healthcare professionals in the UK.

Our membership body has members from all specialities, grades and ethnicities across the country. Muslim healthcare professionals form a significant proportion of the NHS workforce. BIMA strives to give our contributions and challenges the platform to be heard and championed, and to be the place where our collective skills are harnessed in the service of our communities and society at large.

We also welcome non-healthcare professionals who subscribe to our values, and wish to use their skills to help us deliver our projects, meet our vision, and improve the health of the Muslim community.

Our Aims

- To promote better understanding and appreciation of principles and values of Islam amongst all healthcare professionals
- To protect and promote the health of patients and the public by adhering to fundamentals of Islamic ethics and good clinical practice
- To encourage professional and social interaction amongst Muslim healthcare professionals and with the wider clinical community in the UK
- To promote research and education in the field of medicine, Islamic medical history and bioethics
- To engage our professional skills in charitable activities locally and globally to help the needy irrespective of colour, faith or creed
- To advise and support Muslim healthcare professionals and students in career development, orientation and other work related issues

If you have any questions about the British Islamic Medical Association, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

If you agree with our vision and aims, then please join us today by simply filling in the membership form.

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