Attune & Thrive - Healthy Habits Strategy Session Questionnaire
So, you're ready to make a few changes. You want to feel great, day after day, year after year.
That's GREAT. Let's get on it.

This quick questionnaire will help me get to know you before we chat. With a clear picture of what's going on for you, and what needs work, we can fill in the blanks together a bit faster.

How did you find about Attune & Thrive? *
Your answer
Let's start by finding out where you are at. Check all that apply. Be honest with yourself: *
Attune & Thrive is about better habits for living your best life. What do you want? *
I want to take better care of myself.
I want to eat a healthier diet.
I want to sleep better.
I want more energy.
I want to prepare food for myself more often.
I want to understand my body's functions.
I want to feel calm and grounded
I want to take better care of my body and senses.
Describe in more detail what health breakthrough, or major life shift, you want to experience. Seriously - take a minute to tell me. *
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What's keeping you from your Best Self? *
My goals aren't supported by the habits I need to reach them
My peers don't have the same goals or habits.
I've tried to go it alone / I haven't invested in the right support.
I haven't made my health & wellness a priority
I haven't made health evolution into a fun process or game.
My current habits are keeping me stuck.
Anything else you want me to know? *
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