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A two day tour of Edmund Kirby Smith's Invasion of Kentucky from Cumberland Gap to the Battle of Richmond! Please enter your email address below.
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Preliminary planning for a two-day tour of the Richmond Campaign and battle.

Day One - We will meet at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to tour the Gap and the surrounding area. Then we will car caravan along the south face of Cumberland Mountain, seeing Rogers Gap and Wilson Gap before crossing the mountain at Big Spring Gap - all three of these gaps were used by the Confederates to enter Kentucky. We will drive north to Mount Vernon and pick up John Scott's Confederate cavalry brigade as it moved to Big Hill. We will cover the fighting at Big Hill and a couple of even smaller engagements before heading to Berea for our night's lodging.

Day Two - We will pick up with the night action of August 29th and then proceed to cover each phase of the Battle of Richmond.

The goal will be to bring more light to one of the most complete Confederate victories of the war. We will see some obscure sites along the way. We ask that you consider buddying up with a friend or two to keep the number of cars reasonable.
You do not have to join on both days of the tour! Come for Day One, Day Two, or both!

Lodging and dining costs are the responsibility of each attendee. Cost for the tour will be $25.00 each day, with half of the funds being donated to the Battle of Richmond Association.

More details will follow (timeline, lodging choices, etc.). Dates are tentative at this time.
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The cost of the tour is $25. Money will be collected at the beginning of the tour. In order for us to have an accurate estimate of the amount of money we will be donating to the Battle of Richmond Association, please indicate your method of payment below. *
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