CoADE Call for Proposals Fall 2018 Transforming Practices: Navigating Change
Friday, October 26, 2018 8:00 - 4:00 pm at the Lowry Center in Denver with special guest speaker

We are accepting proposals for presentations around the theme of “Transforming Practices: Navigating Change.” Numerous colleges are transitioning from Developmental Education classes to co-requisite models, and from mainstream textbooks to Open Educational Resources. We are looking for submissions that embrace the coming changes and offer visionary practices that foster the necessary growth for students. Some possible topics for submissions include but are not limited to:

• Best practices to support students who lack college-ready skills in co-requisite classes
• Accelerated learning pathways in math and composition to meet the demands of co-req models
• Using OERs for cross-disciplinary teaching and real-world learning applications
• Alternative grading practices to enable students to focus on growth rather than achieving specific letter grades
• Using backwards design for accelerated learning in co-req courses
• Teaching students how to turn their personal grit into academic tenacity
• The role of numbers/data in driving departmental change

Please submit a proposal on or before Friday, October 12th. We will send acceptance emails soon after.

Proposals should include instructional-based demonstrations, grounded research, or represent completed or ongoing evaluation or research. Appropriate proposals might include reports of program activities based on research and theory, reviews of assessment instruments and techniques, results from a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, reports of ongoing program evaluation, reviews of literature, models for evaluation, summaries and analyses of state or local data collection activities, or research-based theories or models appropriate to developmental education.

All presentation sessions will be 50 minutes in length with 3 available time slots.

Please fill out the application below to submit your proposal.

We are on the cutting edge of new collaborations. Please join us on a journey into the future by completing the application below to submit your proposal.

Thank you for offering to share your expertise with the Colorado Developmental Education Community!

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