Enrollment Policy Agreement

I, the undersigned by clicking " I AGREE" checkbox, unconditionally agree to adhere to the following policies of NanoBeasts STEM+Robotics

1. Students must complete all single dates before the end of the enrollment form. Classes cannot be made up after the end of the enrollment term.

2. Classes are not transferable from one student to another. Each student must complete his/her own classes within the designated enrollment term

3. Students may receive a tuition refund within three calendar days of the enrollment date. The refund consists of the remaining tuition only; no refunds will be granted for classes already taken, the registration fee, t shirt, hardware or any other costs. No refunds will be granted after 3 calendar days from the enrollment date.

4. NanoBeasts STEM+Robotics reserves the right to expel students who fail to abide by school policies, misbehave, or engage in any other form of conduct damaging to the school. No refund will be provided for students who are expelled.

5. NanoBeasts reserves the right to cancel a class for any reason. If cancelled, you will have the option to sign up for the next available session or receive a full refund.

6. NanoBeasts has prompt pick up plolicy; repetitive late pick ups may result in child's exclusion from the program.

7. In consideration of my child's participation in NanoBeasts STEM+Robotics program offered at any location, I the undersigned parent/guardian, attest that my child is in good health to participate in this activity. I agree that my child will abide by the rules and regulations of NanoBeasts STEM+Robotics, recognize that failure to do so may result in my child's exclusion from the class. I am aware of the risks involved with this activity and assume those risks. I release NanoBeasts STEM+Robotics, its trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents from all claims for any injury, loss, damage, accident or expense arising from child's participation in any program/class/camp/activity/workshop.

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