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Thank you for joining the Yuda Bands Team!

We want to support you with your project. You can select any dates listed below to begin selling the bands. You will receive the bands 4-7 days before you begin your sales. We recommend limiting the project to two or three weeks. If you cannot sell on campus we can help you start an online campaign to raise money or sell Yuda Bands. For more details about how a project works go to yudabands.org/project. For info about COVID-19 work around options go to yudabands.org/covid-19.

Yuda Bands sell for $10 each. The Yuda Bands project is only available in the USA

*Please make double check your email and phone number for typos so our Project Manager can reach out to you to confirm your information and support you throughout your project.

If you are a teacher/administrator please select that option. Please do not select the grade of students you teach. 

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This is generally one of your teachers, but can be any adult at the school. If you are a teacher/adult please type "Myself".
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This is generally one of your teachers, but can be any adult at the school. If you are a teacher/adult please type "Myself".
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This should be your school address. The bands will be shipped to your school with attention to your teacher/responsible adult. **PLEASE INCLUDE FULL ADDRESS - STREET/CITY/STATE/ZIP**- US Schools only-
How many Yuda Bands should we send you? *
We ship a minimum of 200 bands so you have a good variety of designs and colors. Any bands you don't sell can be returned and we can send more during your sales if you need.
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Your bands will arrive 4-7 days before this date. Projects generally last for two weeks. You can discuss changes with your project manager who will reach out to you after you submit this signup.
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I have permission from my school to sell bands on campus and I understand I am responsible for the bands I order and I will do my best to sell as many bands as possible. * *
Because we cover 100% of the costs to run a Yuda Bands project and send the bracelets to you in good faith, we expect you to make an honest effort to sell the bands, and keep them safe. Your project manager will assist you throughout your project with resources and suggestions but ultimately it is you and your team that needs to put in the work to make the project a success. Please watch https://youtu.be/H8gWdaCoygA to understand more about the "WHY" behind Yuda Bands
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