Television and Sleep - Resident Sound 2021
The following will be used to help explore ideas surrounding television consumption and television as an art form for an article on Resident Sound, a music and culture website.

Please interpret 'shows' as anything from TV, show seasons on DVD, internet shows, or streaming platform-only shows.
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Do you watch TV to fall asleep? *
Does the TV keep playing?
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Do you often dream about characters or events in the show once falling asleep?
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What types of shows do you like to fall asleep to? (mark all that apply)
Why do you watch TV to fall asleep?
Do you use TV as an escape from anxiety or greater world issues? *
Do you wish to be able to visit or live in certain show universes? *
When a show you like goes off the air, does it feel like a breakup or loss? *
Do you feel your emotional bonds to characters is stronger than emotional bonds you could make with friends? *
Do TV certain shows feel 'dreamy' to you? *
Do you interact with fan communities of shows you enjoy? *
Which channels do you interact with a show's community through?
What do you like to do within those communities? (mark all that apply)
Do you enjoy 'crossover' accounts? (e.g. Seinpeaks) *
Does owning a physical copy of the show make you feel more connected to the show? *
Do you interact with people who worked on the show through social media channels? *
Are you familiar with parasocial interaction? *
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