Red Paws Rescue Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Thanks for showing interest in adopting one of our rescue animals, do note that all our puppies are STREET/DESI PUPPIES (NO BREEDS). Only if your interested in adopting a street/desi puppy do fill in this per adoption questionnaire and our team will be in touch with you if you qualify for adoption. This questionnaire will help us get to know you better, and we can also recommend a puppy that would be best for you and your family!

Please feel free to write as much as you want and whatever other concern you might like to discuss with us. We would be happy to brief you about anything regarding dog care, adoption or anything else.

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Current Occupation *
Current Home Address *
Mobile Number *
Who are the other people you live with you in your home? Please give us their names, relation to you and occupation. *
Approx. duration of staying away from home daily *
Have you ever raised puppies/dogs or kittens/cats before? If yes, what happened to them and how? *
Do you currently have any pets at home? If yes please provide their temperament towards other animals. *
Have you discussed the idea of bringing in a dog/cat with your entire family, how do they feel regarding the same? *
What all are you willing to feed your adopted pup/kitten? *
Do you currently live in a rented or owned space? Would you like to take the pup/kitten with you when you move, or prefer that she/he stays back? *
How best would you describe your current home? *
Would you be willing to have your house checked in advance of adopting? *
What are your thoughts on Spaying/Neutering? *
Where would you be keeping the puppy/kitten in general everyday? And where would you be keeping the pup when you travel on a vacation? *
How much time per day can you devote to your puppy/kitten for his/her daily exercise? And where would you be taking the pup for the same? *
Why do you want to adopt a rescue puppy/kitten at this point in your life? *
What are your thought on dog training and what steps will you take to train your new puppy/kitten. And what steps will you take if you puppy/kitten has issues such as mouthing (play biting), separation anxiety etc *
If you are interested in any particular rescue puppy/kitten, please mention his/her name here. *
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