MaFLA - 2019 Video Contest Award Submission Form
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Please, read the contest information below. If you understand and agree to contest entry terms, please click Next at the end of this page. Please, make sure you have all the information, including a scanned copy/image of the Release Form filled out and signed by the student(s) and parent(s)/guardian(s) before starting.

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Contest Details and Instructions

In the state of Massachusetts, students need to demonstrate the ability to use technology for the purpose of communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Consequently, through the use of a variety of media formats students develop technology skills that enable them to communicate effectively, to multiple audiences, a variety of information and ideas to satisfy both foreign language and technology standards.

Video production is a method of communication that is used more and more and it allows anyone to create video files and post them to the Internet for others to download and listen to/view at any time. MaFLA is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for all students in public and private schools in Massachusetts to participate in a video contest. In a two-minute video, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate in English or a foreign language how they understand and interpret the current theme of the year in order to raise awareness of the role that foreign languages play nationally and internationally.

Contest Specifics, Divisions, and Prizes
Elementary School – Students/Classes in pre-K through grade 5
Middle School – Students in grades 6-8
High School – Students in grades 9-12
College or University - Students in Community College, 4 Year institutes, or similar. Ideal for Students Travelling Abroad

List of possible activities for all three categories, but not limited to:
a speech/soliloquy/address
a poem
a song (raps included)
an advertisement
a public service announcement
a skit

For K-5 teachers, please consider demonstrating the theme in your elementary classrooms as opposed to students doing their own video

Contest deadline is March 15.

A MaFLA committee will select one winner in each of the three divisions. The prize for the winner in each category will be $50 awarded to the student creator of the video (to be split if there are 2 students).
The videos of the winners, and the two runners-up from each category may be showcased in an area of the MaFLA website.
Several honorable mention videos will be selected and featured at the MaFLA Fall Conference.
All entrants will receive a certificate of participation.
A letter of appreciation will be sent to all MaFLA members whose students participate in the contest. In addition, letters of appreciation will be sent to the principal and superintendent of participating schools.
Winners will be posted on Certificates and acknowledgments will be sent out at a later date.

Contest Guidelines
1. Participation is limited to students attending public or private schools who are enrolled in a Pre-K – 16 world language class at the time of submission.
2. Teachers will submit student entries, and must be members in good standing with MaFLA
3. The total video length is not to exceed 2 minutes in English/world language.
4. A maximum of 2 students can perform on one video entry for 6-12.
5. New in 2019: K-5 teachers can submit a “Classroom” entry that demonstrates the Theme of the year. Please note, waivers must be signed for any/all students visible in the video.
6. Participating teachers need to fill out this Contest Entry Form to the contest chair Carlos-Luis Brown.
7. Note: all submissions must be a YouTube link (select Unlisted, not public or private).
8. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered
9. Limited to 5 entries per school.
Judging Criteria
Content: Is the video clip engaging and appropriate to the theme of the contest?
Creativity: Is the message innovative and creative?
Execution: Is the use of technology effective and appropriate?
Effect: Was the overall effect achieved in communicating to the audience?
Contact - if any questions/concerns.
Carlos-Luis Brown -
I understand the details of the contest above, and I am prepared to fill out the form with all the information I need. *
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