Diversity Scholarship for #SSDP2018
Deadline January 31 at 11:59pm EST

SSDP DARE, formerly known as ORD (Outreach Recruitment Diversity) Committee is a collaborative committee comprised of board & non-board members, students, alumni, & community members dedicated to broadening Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s (SSDP) base & increasing engagement with presently underrepresented perspectives.

Since its founding in March 2011, DARE has taken on the challenges of strengthening diversity in all its forms within SSDP. The committee endeavors to ensure that the range of perspectives & personal experiences of all communities and individuals negatively impacted in the War on Drugs are represented & integrated into SSDP & the drug policy reform movement at large. DARE does this by creating a welcoming, open, & safe space for all stakeholders.

This scholarship is for members of the SSDP network to attend SSDP2018.

Please contact Elise at elise@ssdp.org if you have any questions.

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We ask that all DARE scholarship recipients 1) attend the DARE meet up at SSDP2018 and 2) submit one paragraph reflecting on their experience at SSDP2018 / the DARE meet up to be included in a blog post. If you were to be awarded this scholarship, could you commit to both?
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