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The end of the school year wouldn't be the same without the BES Talent Show, so we've been working hard to ensure that the show goes on, despite the current circumstances. There will obviously be some significant revisions to our typical talent show format, but we're excited to still be able to showcase our talented Mustangs from afar!

We will be using a platform called Flipgrid, which allows students to post videos to a closed virtual "grid" that can then be shared out with the rest of our Brookwood community once it is complete. We believe this platform will be the best way to organize and showcase our talents this year, however, there are a few limitations to this platform. Namely, students will need to have the Flipgrid app in order to upload their videos to the grid. Many student iPads already have this app, but if your child's iPad does not have Flipgrid, you will have a few options for how to submit your video. If your family has access to another device other than your child's school iPad (personal cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), you can download the free Flipgrid app on that device and upload your video that way. If this option does not work for your family, please reach out and we can walk you through the steps for how to get Flipgrid fully downloaded on your school device.

More detailed information regarding Flipgrid, video submissions, and time deadlines will be sent out to talent show participants on Friday, May 1st. Please be on the lookout for this information next week!

If you have further questions, please reach out to Megan Hanson (
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