Communications at Union Congregational Church - 2017 Survey
This brief survey is intended to gauge the effectiveness of current communications to members and friends of Union Congregational Church. Your feedback is important to us!
1. Overall, how effective would you say Union is at communicating with you?
Not Effective
Highly Effective
2. Union communicates to members and friends (people who attend regularly) in many different ways. Please indicate how useful you find each of the methods listed below by selecting only one box per row.
Very Useful
Not Useful
Don't Use/Not Aware of Method
Printed Sunday Bulletin
The Dimensions Newsletter
Weekly Email
Union's Website
Union's Facebook Page
Union's Twitter Feed
Union's Instagram Feed
3. When you need to find out about something related to or happening at Union, where do you go for that information? Please check any methods you use and indicate frequency by selecting only one box per row.
Union's Website, including Calendar
The Dimensions Newsletter
Sunday Bulletin
Union's Facebook Page
Union's Twitter Feed
Phone the Church
Ask a Friend
4. Do you have any interest in receiving the following information from Union by periodic email?
Upcoming Events (2-3 weeks out)
Copy of Sunday Bulletin
Video of Weekly Sermon
Team Minutes
Leadership Council Minutes
Financial Reports
Nursery School Updates
5. Union is interested in your ideas for 1.) improving existing communications (website, newsletter, weekly emails, etc., and 2.) ideas for new social media platforms (e.g. MeetUp, Nextdoor). How can Union communicate more effectively with you?
Your answer
6. How long have you been a member or friend (someone who attends regularly) at Union?
7. Demographics: What is your age?
8. Is there anything we haven't asked that you'd like to share? Please include your name below if you would like to continue the conversation with a Communications Task Force member.
Your answer
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