The 7th High School Research Conference Registration Form (2020)
The GIDAS High School Research Conference is open to the public but registration is required for students who would like to attend or present at the conference or workshops. Parents do not need to register to attend.

- Fee (not refundable): General Registration: $25.00/person
Presenter Registration: $35.00/person
Parents: Free ($10 donation suggested)
* Conference proceedings: $12.00 each.


- If you sign up for the general registration, please register with this form.

- If you want to present at the conference and be included in the proceedings, you should submit the following to in Word format.

1) A presentation abstract along with this form
2) An "About Me": describe yourself in a half a page

* Presenters are responsible for content and editing.
** Please closely follow abstract submission guidelines.
*** For "About Me,", you can be as creative as you wish, including photos (only individual, face-centered, portrait style; something similar to your school yearbook photo; avoid pictures in dark background since the proceedings will be printed in black and white).

- If you want to publish your abstract in the conference proceedings, the due date is: Saturday, July 11, 2020.

-There will be oral (PowerPoint) and poster presentations. If you want to compete to give an oral presentation, please submit your abstract by May 3, 2020. We will announce the oral presenters at a future date.

- Oral presentations are scheduled for 5 minutes per person/group. If you are selected as oral presenters, please submit your PowerPoint presentation material by 9 pm, Thursday, August 27, 2020 to

- If you do a poster presentation, please refer to Poster Guidelines.

- Even if you miss the deadline to publish, you can still bring in your research poster and compete for the poster presentation award. However, you should submit your abstract content to us by July 25, 2020 to be assigned to a judge.

- Please invite your parents to the conference. They will enjoy the workshops, too.
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How many additional family members will attend? (Sibling students should register separately) *
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Consent to be photographed
Students' photographs may be taken during the conference for UM and miRcore's activity record. If you do not consent to be photographed, please contact
Parent: I consent to release these photographs for GIDAS-related activities (typing a name will be used as a signature). *
Student: I consent to release these photographs for GIDAS-related activities (your typed name will be used as a signature). *
Presentation Title
If you want to present at the conference and be included in the proceedings.
Additional Presenter Names
Number of additional copies of the abstract book ($12 per each)
Anyone can request a copy. Without this request, only presenters will receive one copy.
Where did you learn about the conference? * *
Payment Method *
*Please send a check to: miRcore, 2929 Plymouth Rd., Suite 207, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (there will be email confirmation of receipt of the check)
If you choose the online payment, please write the name as seen on the credit card.
Workshop preference
Your first choice of workshop (more to come)
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Your second choice of workshop (more to come)
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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