HGSU Local 5118 2021 Bargaining Survey
Graduate and undergraduate workers of Harvard: welcome to your 2021 Bargaining Survey!

The Bargaining Survey will convey your needs and priorities - your voice - to your elected Bargaining Committee. Your representatives will use your input to prepare proposals and guide negotiations according to our democratically-approved bargaining platform. Your input will also allow the Bargaining Committee to negotiate with confidence on behalf of the needs of all Harvard student workers.

This survey has three sections: the first asks you to rate your degree of satisfaction with workplace rights; the second asks questions about what workplace issues are most important to you, and the third asks how you think we could expand our contractual rights to cover broader goals of equity and justice.

Your comments will help us make the case to Harvard about why these demands are important to student workers, so please consider sharing your thoughts on issues most important to you.

All information in this survey will be kept confidential.

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