Technology Request for Purchase Approval
This Form is to request a Technology Department review and approval for department / school initiated purchase of software or equipment as well pre-approval required for PTO and/or WCEF grant requests.

Completion of this form with automatically trigger an email to Jenn Judkins, Director of Technology to review the request. Once compatibility with our existing systems is confirmed and, if needed, a privacy agreement is received from the vendor, you will receive a follow up email with approval which can be attached to your request in MUNIS.

If you have any questions, feel free to email
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Enter the email address where you want the Tech Approval for Purchase to be sent.
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For example "JMS / Science"
Item Type
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Student Accounts/Information
For software/website requests, will student accounts or student data (i.e. teacher rosters) need to be created to access material?
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Requester *
Name of staff person requesting the purchase and contact for any questions (ie. Dept Head)
Item *
Name of the product / part # as listed on the Purchase Request, for example "HP m604 Printer"
Legal name of the company (please be accurate, as this may be used in drafting a Data Privacy Agreement which is a legal document), for example "Pearson Education Inc." vs "Pearson"
Purpose *
Briefly describe the purpose / use for the item requested for example "B&W printer for psychologists office rm 211"
Data Privacy
Software request MAY require a signed Student Data Privacy Agreement if the product captures personally identifiable information and/or student data. If it is determined that your request requires the completion of the Data Privacy Agreement, please be aware it will add time to complete your request.
Privacy Policy Link
Link to privacy policy for software/subscription/App - typically found in the footer of the company's website. NOT required for hardware purchase requests.
Additional Notes
Optional, additional notes for Tech Staff. Please use this space to list the vendor contact name, title and email contact information to vendor that we can use if a Data Privacy Agreement needs to be sent.
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