Meeting - March 31st has another great meeting lined up and this one is only two days away! We are meeting on March 31st at 7pm on the 17th floor of the Google office at 20 W. Kinzie. Jonathan Rockway will be talking Devel::REPL and Michael Potter will be giving a talk about Bash scripting. Of course, there will be a few of us who stick around afterward to visit a local pub, so plan on taking the late train home.

Devel::REPL - Jonathan Rockway

Devel::REPL is interactive shell for Perl. REPL is an acronym for Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop. The shell provides for rapid development or testing of code without the need to create a temporary source code file. Think 'perl -d' only much much better.

Bash - Michael Potter

Bash (and scripting languages in general) act as the glue that hold other system components together. This presentation will focus on the under utilized features of bash that are critical to building production quality scripts. Demos will show you how and why to turn these features on.

Much of the bash syntax is redundant; Michael will also explain which syntax to use and which syntax to avoid.

Knowledge of any of the common UNIX scripting languages will be sufficient to attend this meeting and understand what is going on with Michael's Bash talk.

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See you there

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