Holistic Host Job Applicant Survey - Playa Viva
Please complete the questions outlined below as complete as possible. We will review your responses and contact all qualified candidates to meet us in person or via Zoom for an interview.  

Part of the interview may include a short demonstration of yoga teaching techniques and you may be required to provide a short demo of your massage technique as well.  We will probably ask you to provide some references that cover your abilities in massage, yoga and as a host.  

Thank you for taking time to answer these questions and we look forward to meeting you and hopefully having you join us as part of team.

Anne-Lauren and David

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Your Complete Name *
First Name and Last Name
Your Email Address: *
make sure you include a valid email address as this is how we will contact you about a follow up interview.
YOGA Certification *
Make sure you answer accurately.
If you answered yes, please provide the website of the last studio or center in which you have taught yoga.
MASSAGE Certification *
Make sure you answer accurately.
If you answered yes to the above, please provide the website to the last place you offered massage.
Date of Birth *
City/Location and Airport City of Origin *
This relates to arranging your flight to and from Zihuatanejo where Playa Viva is based.
Please list any website that you use to promote your yoga and/or massage work.
This can be your website or your listing in a yoga studio or spa webpage. We are interested to see how you market and promote yourself online and to see your "public persona."
Do you have a Valid Passport *
valid means that it is not expired and you can travel to Mexico
HOSPITALITY Industry Experience *
Make sure you answer accurately.
Please list your Facebook page.
The reason we ask for this is to get sense of your "personal persona" because, if you are hired, you will personally represent Playa Viva as a host and we need to get a sense of your "personality." This may require that you make us a "friend."
How many years have you been certified to provide massage? *
please select the option that most accurately represents your level of experience
Do you have experience working at Yoga or Eco-Retreat Centers?
If yes, please list the center(s), add the website if applicable, and describe your role there.
Do you speak both English and Spanish? *
Pick the answer that most closely resembles your ability
Are you fully vaccinated for Covid-19? Proof of vaccination will be required for this position due to the intimate nature of the work. *
The accommodation for this position is a spacious flat with it's own bathroom and terrace and two beds. You will be sharing the hosting apartment with your co-host. Are you comfortable with sharing a room? *
Do you have a partner or colleague that would be qualified (at least as a massage therapist) to co-host this position with you? *
If you are qualified and the interview goes well, are you available during the following periods? *
Please pick the window of time that best works for you.  Selecting none, means you are not available to work when needed but want to be considered for future opportunities
Please enter a short description of your yoga teaching styles, types and methods.
you can list the type of yoga you teach, any specialty classes and quick description of your teaching style
Please enter a short description of the style and types of massage you perform. *
you can list types and describe your method, style or other type of spa services you would like to offer
Would you like to host your own retreat during your time at Playa Viva? *
Do you have students/clients that would like to travel for a 4-7 day retreat to Mexico with you?
Feel free to use this space to enter any other information you feel might be pertinent to this job.
Specifically you can include any information about your lifestyle choice around living a more sustainable life. You can also use this space to ask us any questions.
How did you hear about Playa Viva?
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