Campaign for NY Health - Organizing Pledge 2021
Thank you for being a part of the movement for healthcare as a human right here in New York! Please let us know the ways would like to participate in the coming months to build the movement to #PassNYHealth

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I would like to help organize or participate in a meeting with my legislator(s)
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If you will help organize a meeting with or participate in a meeting with your legislators, who are your state legislators?
I will make a donation to the Campaign for NY Health or ask my organization to donate. (
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There will be a supportive training for each activity so that we can each do our best in this difficult time!
Phonebanking Team - mobilize NYHA supporters to take action via phone conversations.
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Textbank Team - mobilizes NYHA supporters to take action via text campaigns
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Social Media Team - shares priority posts, actions, and article from the Campaign for NY Health
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Social Media Content Creation Team - develops shareable content (graphics, toolkits) and engages influencers
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Language Justice Team - for example: help with outreach to communities, help with content creation for materials, help with translation, help with interpretation
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Business Engagement Outreach Team - for example: engage current endorsers to provide quotegraphics or do case studies, reach out to new business owner/worker cooperative/self-employed to endorse
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Special Ops Team - I have day time availability and would love to help with short-term projects (phone calls, research, helping to schedule meetings)
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My organization would like to partner with Campaign for NY Health on a training/workshop on the NY Health Act and Healthcare Justice
I know of organization that I think would want to learn more about the NY Health Act (please indicate in the next field your organization)
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I am part of an organization that can submit a Memo of Support for the NY Health Act to our legislators (we can share a sample)
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Do you want to join the Organizational Outreach Team?
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If you checked any boxes above, which organization(s) can you connect to the Campaign for NY Health?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
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