LSC-UP Practice Room Agreement
Sign up for permission to use a practice room. You must agree to all stated conditions in order to use the room.
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You must agree to all of the following conditions for the PRIVILEGE of using a music practice room for the indicated semester.
1. I understand that I must check IN and OUT of the practice room at the front desk of the Fine Arts Suite, located on the first floor of Building 12. If no one is available at the desk, I can check out a room from the director of music (12.110) or the the dean's suite (13.818).
2. I will leave my student ID card (or driver's license) when I check out a room. I can pick up my ID once I return from the room. If I am given a key, I must return the key when I leave the practice room.
3. If damage to a room or equipment is found after my use or if any equipment/gear/books/materials are found missing after my use, a stop will be put on my college enrollment and records until I pay for the damaged and/or missing items in full.
4. If I discover any damage or missing equipment/gear/books/materials, I must report it to the Fine Arts Suite desk, the director of music (12.110), or the dean's suite (13.818) immediately.
5. These rooms are for active practicing only (or active composing, for MUAP composition students), not for studying, homework, or other activities. The rooms may also be used by Ear Training and Sight Singing students for active practicing of ear training and/or sight singing.
6. No other individuals are allowed in the practice room with me. Students who need to practice together may check out a joint practice room, pending the availability of a suitably large room. Both students must check out the room and both must leave an ID. Stops will be placed on both accounts until payment is made for any damaged or missing items, according to #3 above.
7. There will be ABSOLUTELY no food or drink in the practice room except closed bottles of water.
8. I will pick up/clean up the practice room before I check out and ensure that the practice room is locked before leaving it.
9. If I leave a classroom or practice room that I have checked out, EVEN BRIEFLY, I will ensure that the door locks behind me and request to be let back into the room upon my return.
10. I must vacate all practice rooms by 6PM on Monday through Thursday or by 4PM on Fridays. If I've been given a key, I must return the key and reclaim my ID by this time.
11. Practice rooms are not available after hours or on weekends without music faculty permission and supervision.
By typing your name here, you agree to all of the listed conditions for use of a music practice room or music classroom. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in forfeiture of practice room usage for the semester or permanently. *
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In what music class(es) are you enrolled that grants you permission to use the music practice rooms this semester? (If your course isn't listed here, you must gain special permission from the director of music, Aaron Alon, to use a practice room.) *
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