6th Annual Arizona Burlesque Festival Application
Welcome to the application for the 6th Annual Arizona Burlesque Festival, October 11-12, 2019

Standard Applications ($15) May 1-June 30th



Please make sure you follow all instructions and answer all required questions. We cannot review incomplete or incorrect applications.

An application fee of $15.00 must be paid at www.paypal.com to xomattfinish@gmail.com.
Applications received without payment will not be considered. PLEASE NOTE BOTH LEGAL AND PERFORMER NAMES ON YOUR PAYMENT.

If you wish to apply with multiple acts, you must submit SEPARATE APPLICATIONS AND PAYMENTS for each act.

Make sure that the act you wish to perform is the act you apply with and give us all of the technical details that our crew will need to know about your act.

All applicants must provide a video of the act they are submitting. Please make sure that your video is labeled with your performer name, is not password protected or otherwise not accessible. We recommend using YouTube or Vimeo.

Please note that The Arizona Burlesque Festival does not cover any travel, lodging, or other performer expenses.

Please do not submit any acts longer than 5 MINUTES. Full nudity is not permitted.

No fire/liquid/messy acts.

Email questions to azbfest@gmail.com.

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The Arizona Burlesque Festival features both a showcase and a competition. Please select one of the following *
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The Arizona Burlesque Festival Commitment to Performers
AZBFest is committed to not only bringing a diverse range of performances from around the world to Arizona, we strive to provide a positive performance experience and high caliber of organization to everyone involved in creating The Arizona Burlesque Festival.

As a performer submitting to compete or perform at The Arizona Burlesque Festival, we ask that you also aid us in creating a supportive and productive environment, and take this into consideration with the content of the act that you choose to submit for consideration.

Thank you,

Matt Finish
Producer, The Arizona Burlesque Festival

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