Data Carpentry community survey about workshops for for-profit organizations
Data Carpentry ran a pilot program in 2015, running workshops for two for-profit companies. For these workshops, we charged four times our standard workshop fee. One goal was to raise additional revenue to subsidize workshop fees at non-profit institutions and to support long-term sustainability for Data Carpentry. Another was to provide best-practices data analysis and management training to people conducting research in industry.

While increased fees (~$10,000/workshop), rather than the standard $2500 workshop coordination fee, can provide additional revenue to support the long-term sustainability of Data Carpentry and subsidize workshop fee waivers for underserved organizations, it is, you, the volunteer instructors who make these workshops possible. Before making any long term policy, we need the feedback of the instructor community. We want to learn more about your interest and support for teaching for for-profit organizations! Thank you for filling out this survey and helping to guide Data Carpentry.

What is your instructor status (check all that apply) *
How many Data Carpentry or Software Carpentry workshops have you been involved with (as instructor, helper, learner or host)?
Is teaching workshops for for-profit organizations consistent with the goals of Data Carpentry, to train researchers in the skills needed for effectively and reproducibly working with data?
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Workshops taught at for-profit institutions would have higher workshop fees. As with all workshops, individual instructors would decide if they wanted to teach at these workshops. In your view, is it fair to generate this additional revenue using volunteer effort? *
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If Data Carpentry were to charge increased fees to for-profit organizations, how should additional revenue be used? (check all that apply)
Comments or other ideas for how this revenue should be used:
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Teaching at for-profit institutions provides potential benefit to instructors.
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Compared with how likely you would be to teach at a non-profit organization, how likely would you be to teach a workshop at a for-profit organization?
Much less interested in teaching at for-profit
Equally or more interested in teaching at a for-profit
If you would be interested in teaching a workshop at a for-profit organization, but it would depend on the organization, please let us know what your criteria would be.
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If Data Carpentry decided to teach workshops at for for-profit organizations, would this affect your interest in volunteering for the organization?
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Please let us know any other comments or concerns you may have about Data Carpentry running workshops for for-profit organizations.
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