UNDP Global Programme on Nature for Development - E-learning Survey
Thank you for your interest and participation in the capacity development opportunities offered by UNDP’s Programme on Nature for Development. We strive to provide the best quality learning experience for all our course participants. To help us serve you better, we would appreciate if you could take three minutes to complete a short survey.
Section 1: E-learning information
1. Have you ever taken courses offered by the NBSAP Forum or the UNDP Global Programme on Nature for Development? *
2. What would be your primary motivation for taking the courses offered by the UNDP Global Programme on Nature for Development? Please select all that apply. *
3. Is your occupation related to biodiversity and/or natural resource management? *
4. Please select the primary areas in which you would like to expand your knowledge. Select all that apply. *
5. What method of information delivery do you prefer? Select all that apply. *
6. How important are the following characteristics of an online course for your decision to register for and complete the course? *
Very important
Not important
Not relevant
Availability of optional weekly lesson review sessions
Availability of optional weekly webinars with experts in the field
Availability of a course completion certificate
The course being offered in partnership with leading organizations in the field
The existence of a professional network that course participation would allow you to join
High level of interaction with other participants
Homework assignments that allow you to apply the concepts covered in the lessons
7. What is the maximum amount of time you would be willing to dedicate to a course to receive a course completion certificate from leading development institutions? *
8. Ideally, how much time would you be willing to spend on each lesson? *
9. How do you prefer to access e-learning content? *
10. What total amount would you be willing to pay to participate in a course? Select all that apply. *
11. If the course participation were free, what amount would you be willing to pay to receive a certificate of course completion? Select all that apply. *
Section 2: Background and Occupational Information
1. Please select your age group: *
2. Please specify your sex: *
3. What country do you live in? *
4. Which of the following best describes the area you live in? *
5. Please specify how comfortable you are with using the languages below in an academic environment on a scale from 1 (not at all comfortable) to 5 (very comfortable): *
5 (very comfortable)
4 (somewhat comfortable)
3 (comfortable)
2 (not so comfortable)
1 (not at all comfortable)
6. Please indicate your highest level of education completed:
Clear selection
7. Full title of your organization (please do not use acronyms): *
8. Which of the following categories best describes your occupation? *
9. Your occupation is in which of the following? *
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