Black Initiatives Wants to Help You!
If you fit the following qualifications please complete the form to receive our services.

In order to be eligible for our services you must:
* Be a Visible Black Minority (Of African / Caribbean descent)
* Have a yearly household income of under $30 000
* Live in the Greater Toronto Area

If you are an organization servicing mainly Black Individuals or People of Colour, please complete the form below.
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We would like to be in communication with you for drop-off and for future services you may be eligible for.
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Terms & Conditions
By receiving this free service you agree that any food items/products provided are to be consumed at your own risk. Also, all products/services in general are to be used at your own risk. Black Initiatives will not be liable or responsible for any product/service provided once it is in the hands of the recipient(s).
Check this box if you agree with our terms and conditions. *
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