Application to LaunchHUB March 2019
We're excited that you're interested in becoming a part of our startup community!

LaunchHUB is a free and immersive 12 week program designed to support RMIT associated startup teams (student, staff and alumni) develop skills, grow networks, and accelerate early stage startup traction.

Your application will be taken through a competitive selection process whereby up to 10 teams will be chosen to participate in the 12 week program, which kicks off on Monday 25th March, 2019.

Program dates:
Induction day: Mon 25th March.
Week 1 - 12: Mon 25th March - Fri 10th June.
Access to co-working space: Mon 25th March - Fri 12th July.

Application dates:
Applications close: Sun 17th Feb at 11:59pm.
First round outcomes: Tues 26th Feb.
Interviews: Mon 4th or Tues 5th March.
Final outcomes: Wed 6th March.

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What is the long term vision for your startup? *
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Who are or will be your first customers? *
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Startup Details
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Tell us about your team!
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How many hours on average does each team member work on the startup? *
Do you have any support networks? (e.g. Advisory board members, mentors, academic experts) *
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The LaunchHUB Program
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