My First Lobby Day!
We look forward to you joining us for "My First Lobby Day" for DC kids, who of course lack Senators of their own, to visit the senators of family/friends and share messages that are important to them. Including, of course, #HandsOffDC!

The event will be on a DCPS holiday, March 31st, from 3-5pm.

For more details or to post questions or comments, see our Facebook event page at:

What is your lobbying experience?
How many children do you plan to bring, in each age group?
0 - 2 years
2-4 years
5-10 years
11 - 14 years
15 and older
To get the attention of Senators and staffers, we want our group to deliver messages from constituents in other states! Please select the states for which you can deliver messages - for example, where you have close friends and family.
We are looking for group leaders and other helpers! If you can lead a small group of kids, share addresses of allies outside DC who want us contacting their Senators, or otherwise help, please share your email address so we can contact you.
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If you have other suggestions for ways to make this event have more impact, please share them here! (Note: If you want an email response, please include your email address, otherwise we have not way of reaching you).
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