Coaching w/ Dan White Jr.
Dan has been married to Tonya for 20 years, has two boys and has been in local church work for over 20 years. Dan White Jr. co-planted Axiom Church in an urban, under-resourced neighborhood of Syracuse, NY in 2008. Dan is an Apostle/Shepherd on the 5-Fold. Dan now works for the V3 Movement the majority of his time and seeks to help men and woman practice a new but old way of being the church. Dan's tool box of coaching are in the following areas:

1. 5-Fold Leadership in Shared-Leadership
2. Cultivating Tight-knit Community
3. Building Healthy Rhythms as a Leader
4. Building a Discipleship Pathway
5. Locally-Rooted Presence
6. A Missional-Incarnational Ecclesiology
7. The Ecology of a Public Worship Gathering
8. Dialogical Preaching
9. Conflict Resolution in Team
10. Crafting a Covenental-Core in your Church
11. Collaborative Marriage for Mission

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