Active Duty Transition Study
This survey is being conducted by an independent group of veterans and business professionals to better understand the concerns of military members as they approach and undergo their transition.

Participation is completely anonymous and responses will be shared with both the military community and employers to improve the transition process and veteran hiring programs.

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Thanks for your participation and please let us know any questions:

This survey is being conducted among members of the US military. Responses are anonymous, so please be candid:
1. Which of the following best describes your current status:
Please select ALL that apply:
2. Based upon what you know today, how confident are you regarding the actions necessary to successfully transition from the military into civilian life?
3. What are your greatest concerns, if any, about returning to civilian life?
My greatest concern
A concern of mine
Not a concern of mine
Compensation (pay or salary)
Loss of camaraderie
Not knowing what's ahead
Being unemployed
Being underemployed
Loss of my military identity
My family's happiness
Not having a purpose outside the military
Medical issues (personal)
Medical issues (family)
Fitting into the civilian workforce
Getting into the right school
Fitting in at school
Pursuing the right degree or program of study
My spouse's employment
Loss of military structure
Landing the right job
Location (of my home)
Location (of my job)
Location (of my school)
Risk of starting a business
Other(s) - please explain
4. If you selected 'Other(s)' in the previous question, please tell us more about your greatest concerns.
Your answer
5. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Neither agree or disagree
I prefer not to answer
I'm ready to get out of the military
I enjoy being in the military
I'm frustrated being in the military
I understand the civilian lifestyle
I'm ready to begin civilian employment
I'm ready to begin my post-military education
I have a clear transition plan
I'd like to start my own business
I know what I want to do after the military
The military fully utilizes my skills and strengths
6. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Neither agree or disagree
Not Applicable
My family enjoys the military lifestyle
My family supports my decision to transition
My family is the reason for my transition
Deployments are having an impact on my family
Being in the military puts a strain on my family
7. Please answer Yes or No to the following statements:
I prefer not to answer
I have a military mentor
I have a civilian mentor
I mentor others in the military
I'm active in my local community
8. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Neither Agree or Disagree
I prefer not to answer
Employers prefer hiring military veterans
Military oriented job and/or career fairs are helpful
Education fairs are helpful
9. Based upon your personal experience, what are the best sources of information about entering the civilian workforce, attending school or completing a training/certification program after the military?
The best source
A good source
A poor source
I'm not sure
Transition Assistance (TAP)
Non-govt transition programs
Military or govt magazines
Civilian magazines
Military or govt websites
Corporate websites
Friends or former co-workers who've already made the transition
Family members
Veterans Administration (VA) training or materials
Job/Career Fairs
Education Fairs
Universities or colleges
Civilian recruiting or placement firms
Dept of Labor (DOL) training or materials
Entrepreneurial groups or labs
Community groups
Veteran organizations
Other(s) - please explain
10. If you selected 'Other(s)' in the previous question, please identify these sources of information.
Your answer
11. What is your greatest skill that civilian employers are looking for? This skill can be something that was learned or gained inside or outside of the military.
Your answer
12. Based upon your own experiences, does the fact that an organization is "Military Oriented/Veteran Friendly" have an impact on how they treat service members?
13. In your opinion, what are the most effective ways to find civilian employment when transitioning from the military?
Most effective
Not effective
I'm not sure
Attend job/career fairs
Search online
Talk with veterans who've already transitioned
Contact Military Friendly employers
Contact the base/post employment office
Contact local community groups
Contact Veteran organizations
Contact the local employment office
Local civilian newspapers
Base/post newspaper
Visit employers in the area
Call employers in the area
Talk with friends and family
Working with mentors
Civilian recruiting or placement firms
Other(s) - please explain
14. Please tell us if there are other ways, not listed in the prior question, to find civilian employment that are effective when transitioning from the military?
Your answer
15. How many months of preparation does a successful transition require?
16. What are the most important factors when considering a civilian employer and position?
Most important to me
Important to me
Not important to me
Title of position
Initial compensation (pay or salary)
Long-term compensation (pay or salary)
Benefits (medical, time-off, education)
Company name
Proximity to family members
Growth potential
Organizational culture
Do I like the work offered
Do other veterans work here
Other(s) - please explain
17. Are there other factors to consider when thinking about a civilian employer and position? If so, please tell us what these are.
Your answer
18. Should you tell a potential employer about your military status and if so, when should you disclose your service?
19. Is your current or future transition (retirement or separation) due to medical issues?
20. When thinking about your post-military life, how would you define being "fully transitioned" out of the military?
Your answer
21. If you could ask one question of every veteran that has successfully transitioned from the military, what would that question be?
Your answer
So that we know you're not a robot, please type the word VET in the text box below.
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Please tell us a little about yourself:
Are you male or female?
Please indicate your age group:
Please select your branch of service:
Please select your highest rank:
Please select your education level:
Do you have dependents that currently reside with you?
Please indicate the geographic region where you live:
Which ethnic or racial group do you most identify?
Please indicate your current 5-digit zip code: Example - 45040
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If you're willing to take another survey 6-months after transitioning from the military, please provide your email. We will NOT send you any other emails aside from a survey link 6-months from now.
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Please tell us how you learned about the Military to Civilian Employment Survey? Did you read about us (on-line, blog, social media), hear about us (podcast or radio) or were you asked by another organization to participate in the survey (examples: VETTED or NAVSO)?
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