2021 CMS ECEC Elementary Spring Enrollment
This form will be used to determine if CMS ECEC elementary students' parents wish for their child to stay in their current placement of hybrid or in online setting (CAVE). Currently all CMS students are in an online setting as required by the state. Hybrid will only take place if it is allowed by the state, otherwise all elementary schools will remain in an online setting.
Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Name of Student's Current Teacher *
Grade of the Student mentioned above *
Name of the school the Student above attends *
Which mode of instruction is your child currently enrolled in for the Fall semester? *
Which mode of instruction are you requesting for your child for the Spring semester? *
Parent/Guardian's Name *
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By checking this box, you are confirming you are the parent/guardian for the above mentioned student, and you are agreeing to the above enrollment change or to keep your child's enrollment the same. *
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