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As our movement grows, training is an essential part of passing on our strategy, our structure, and our culture. It is the way our movement can grow at scale while staying true to our vision. It can also build community and commitment among participants, making sure that they stay in your hub!

Hosting a training can be a heavy lift for hubs to take on-- which is why we have a support team to help, as well as mobile trainers who can come to your hub! 50 Sunrisers across the country have been trained as trainers. This summer and fall, we have 4 mobile training teams of Sunrise fellows who are ready to travel to your hub to support a training.

This form will help clarify what support you can request and let us get a better feel for the support your hub needs. Please consider filling out this form with other leaders from your hub who will also be involved in planning the training.

After you submit this form, you will be in contact with a training coach who will help you set up your training.

Check out this memo about the Role of Trainings in our strategy:

Aru Shiney Ajay - Training Director
Emily LaShelle - Training Program Coordinator
Naomi Hollard - Distributed Training Manager
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Which Hub are you involved in? *
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What do you see as the largest struggles your hub is facing? *
For example: no clear core team, not growing, difficulty retaining members, hub members not aligned with theory of change, hub members struggle giving a good Sunrise/GND pitch
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Would your hub be able to recruit 25 young people to the training? (millennials and younger)
We usually consider trainings to be a good use of time if hubs can recruit at least 25 people to attend (which usually means getting 35 to register, considering flake rate) Please explain more in "other" if necessary
Who are some people in your hub who could hold down the Recruitment Role? Please include emails and phone numbers *
This is a ~2 hour a week time commitment. There is a guide and coaching to support whoever holds this role for someone who has never done through recruitment to an event! Please ask the person if they can hold down this role before putting in their information!
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Who are some people in your hub who could hold down the Logistics Role? Please include email and phone humber *
The logistics point person is responsible for finding a training space, holding down or finding someone to hold down shopping and food prep at the training, relay information to training participants, coordinate housing and transportation if necessary. There is also a guide and coaching available for this role! Please ask the person if they can hold down this role before putting in their information!
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Is there anyone in your hub who has been trained at a Sunrise Training? If yes who? *
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Is there anyone in your hub with little to no training experience who would be interested in being a trainer at this training, as an apprentice trainer? If so please add their name and contact information below
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Are you able to be the hub training coordinator for this training? You will be the point person for this training and will set up the first meeting with the host team and coach. The Hub Training Coordinator begins the training set up process and offers support to the team when needed.
If no above, who could fill that role? Please include email and number
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What time duration does your hub have the capacity to host? We highly encourage a 2 day training.
What type of training will this be? Workshop or orientation training? If you're not sure, write orientation training.
Please list possible dates your hub could host this training. Weekends are usually best for trainings! *
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Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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