Haunted Hayride Tour Guide Application
We are seeking people who like to have fun, work well with others, LOVE to tell ghost stories, have a sense of humor and can act a little wicked occasionally.

This is a VOLUNTEER position with NO PAY, although past tour guides have found it comes with some perks. (Don't apply for this position if you are looking for a full or part-time regular job because this is NOT it!) THIS a one-night gig at Halloween-time for a non-profit foundation and you are doing this for free!

The job: you will be riding in one of two horse-drawn wagons telling stories about the creepy things that have happened in downtown Tulare. We start at 5PM so it will still be light, but as the sun goes down, things get a little creepier!

We provide a script which you can follow however, we do encourage EMBELLISHMENT! (As a good friend of mine says, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!) The event runs from 5PM - 8PM. If we get lucky and we get enough tour guides, you'll even get a break!

Please dress in costume; cowboy, old-timer, etc is fine (don't wear a mask because they need to be able to hear you clearly!) YOU WILL HAVE FUN (especially judging by the bugged-out eyes and wild expressions I saw on some riders' faces after the ride last year!)

Any other questions, call our office at 685-2350.
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