CONNECTIONS is a 4-week residency program for emerging professional choreographers. The program runs from April 22nd - May 20th 2020. The call is open to joint applications between a choreographer based in Denmark (main applicant) and a choreographer based abroad (partnering applicant).

Team up and submit your joint application by January 27th 2020.
Performing Arts Platform will notify all applicants no later than February 20th 2020.

1. Please read the call carefully (
2. Team up with your partner and submit your joint application by filling out the form below.
3. Merge your CVs in one PDF and send it by email to Make sure to give your PDF a clear title (e.g. yournames.pdf) so we can easily link your CVs to your application.

Feel free to contact us at or tel: +45 5087 3240.
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Name & contact information - partnering applicant (International choreographer) *
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Why have you chosen each other for this residency? How do you intend to inspire, challenge or push each other during your joint residency? Max 1000 characters.
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Work proposal *
Describe what you plan to work on during your residency. Max 1000 characters.
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Making connections in Aarhus and in Central Denmark Region *
During your residency we will connect you with local and/or regional organisations or individuals with insight relevant to your work proposal - e.g. within the arts, within creative entrepreneurship, the sciences, production/management or other. Which interdisciplinary fields would be relevant for you? Which organisations/individuals in the region would be interesting for you to meet? And why? Max 1000 characters.
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Sharing session *
At the end of your residency you will conduct a joint session at a public sharing. You are not expected to present a finished work, but a work demo, an improvisation, a site specific walk & talk or whatever format suits your purpose best (within our capacity). We welcome initiatives that move beyond the usual Q&A. What are your ideas for the final sharing session? Max 500 characters.
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Names of your dancers/cast
You can bring up to 2 additional dancers/participants. Please state their names, title/function and residing countries.
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CV *
We will need a short CV for main applicant, partnering applicant and your dancers/cast (max 1 page each). Please merge all CVs in one single PDF, give it a clear file name (e.g yournames.pdf) and send it by email to
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