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**Note that some positions will not be available at each MAL. Please see the MAL website for details**

Applicants for Chair positions must meet the following requirements:
• Previous participation in at least one Model Arab League.
• Knowledge of the rules and procedures of Model Arab League.
• Willingness to work beyond the hours of the Council sessions to help the Model function smoothly.
Detail your previous experience with the Model Arab League. *
What is your previous experience working with Parliamentary Procedure? *
Is it ever acceptable to “bend the rules” of Model Arab League Parliamentary Procedure if you think it is in the best interest of the Council? If so, to what extent and under what circumstances is it acceptable? *
In running a Council, what goals do you set? What would you like to see the Council do? (If applying for an Upper Secretariat position such as SG, ASG or CoS, please answer this question based on running the entire conference). *
Write ACJ in the next section if applying to the Arab Court of Justice. Proceed to the following section to submit your answer for ACJ.
Many rules of procedure are used from the beginning of a Council Session until a resolution is passed and sent to the Final Summit. Narrate the life of a resolution, starting by detailing how Council Session should open,move on to the topic, then the resolution, then voting. Detail each specific motion and rule of procedure that need be used in the process. *
The Arab Court of Justice is a very niche council in Model Arab League, and is rarely offered at regional conferences. It is important that the Chief Justice is fully versed in ACJ. Please outline ACJ's flow and procedures from beginning to end as though you are explaining it to new participants who don't have prior knowledge of this council. *
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