HJR61 Watch and Action Team
HJR61, “Percentage of Elector Votes Required to Approve Constitutional Amendment or Revision” increases the percentage of elector votes necessary to pass a constitutional amendment. Florida’s constitutional amendment process is already one of the most unbalanced in the nation. Despite the fact that the constitutional amendment process is one of the only direct voting processes we have to change state law in Florida (the rest is done through legislation, the courts, or the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission) those who have worked to “crowd source” votes to pass an amendment, or even get it on the ballot, know it takes hundreds if not millions of dollars to do so. This is because of bills like HJR61 which consistently raise the bar and limit what average Floridians can do to get law passed.

If you are interested in taking action online or in person to organize against this bill if it comes up in committee or in session please fill out the form below and Florida Policy Action Network will keep you up to date with what is happening and help you take action online and in person to STOP this bill from becoming law.
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