Student Government: Declaration of Position for 2018-2019 School Year
Declaration of which position you wish to run for must be made on March 21st (Wednesday) before 3pm. No exceptions. Your MOST RECENT SUBMISSION will be accepted as the position that you want to run for. If you decide to change your declaration, you can, but must re-submit. Your latest submission (before the deadline) will be considered what you are running for. If you declare a position, you are not allowed to run for, you will not be able to run in the general election, but will be able to run for an appointed (interview) position after the general elections.

Please check all maps and qualifications for each position before declaring. To review the maps (for Senate and Justice positions ONLY), click here:

Name of Student (First and Last Name) *
This is the name that will appear on the ballot. If you have a shortened name you go by, let us know.
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Phone Number *
If any questions arise about your declaration, how can we best reach you. Personal cell phone is preferred)
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Your Personal Email *
Please check your email for any updates and to see the final declaration list of everyone that is running.
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Grade of Student *
(Grade you will be NEXT year)
Position you wish to run for *
You are only allowed to run for one position. Appointed positions are interview positions and will occur after election week. You are allowed to run for an elected position and then an appointed position if you do win.
****Only Applies to Justices & Senators: What is your address?
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Justice & Senator Map
I have reviewed the Election Application, rules and guidelines and I promise to uphold them during the Election Week both on and off campus. If I break these rules, I understand I will be disqualified from running. I understand it my responsibility to know these rules. *
I understand that if I declared a position that I am not allowed to run for (either because of grade or region in which you live),I will not be able to declare another position afterwards. *
(If this does occur, you will still be able to run for an appointed (interview) position later, but will not be able to run during the election week for an elected (voted) position)
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