Water Questionnaire
As part of our Comenius project "Today, Blue Planet, But Tomorrow?", we would like to learn how students use water in their every day lives in each project country (Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Hungary).
Please fill in this questionnaire about your lifestyle.
Were you born in France ? *
What do you usually drink if you are thirsty? *
What type of drinks do you have on a normal day? *
Do you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth? *
Which do you take more often? *
How long do you usually take a shower? *
In your household, what do you use water for? *
Do your family use recycled water? *
In what ways do you re-use water?
How do you get recycled water?
Your answer
What kind of waste do you (your family) drain? (down the toilet, sink, garden etc.) *
How much do you think your household pollutes water? *
not at all
very much
How aware are you of saving water quality and quantity? *
I don't care.
I think it is vital to care.
Do you do any water sport on a regular basis? *
Which of these water sports have you ever done? *
What do you use to water plants?
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