JCCC New Student Orientation Mastery Test
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1. To be fully admitted, the items in your Personal Admission Plan may be considered optional: *
2. To initially set up your student email (Stumail) on your MyJCCC account, you must first click on: *
3. The last day you can enroll for your class is: *
4. You can connect with JCCC Counselors through instant messaging, e-mail, the Quick Question Desk, Walk-in or by scheduling an appointment. *
5. You may pay your tuition online by clicking the _________ tab within your MyJCCC account. *
6. The easiest way to find the complete list of your required textbooks is to: *
7. What is the primary way the college and/or Financial Aid most frequently contacts you? *
8. If you have successfully passed a college-level math class with a C or better, you still have to take the ACCUPLACER math placement test. *
9. The only way(s) JCCC accepts transcripts are: *
10. If you have not returned a rental textbook by the due date at the end of the semester, you cannot enroll in a class. *
11. What is a CRN? *
12. As a new JCCC student, you are NOT assigned a: *
13. You cannot enroll in a class IF: *
14. I need to have my CRN(s) selected before I can enroll. *
15. Which of the following Academic Resource Centers may be used only if you are enrolled in a related class? *
16. "Holds" on your account might stop online enrollment. *
17. JCCC will send you a bill for your tuition fees in the postal mail. *
18. On the Student tab within your MyJCCC account, what link do you need to click to enroll in classes? *
19. When contacting the college about enrollment concerns, be sure to log out of your MyJCCC account. *
20. How long are ACT and ACCUPLACER test scores valid at JCCC? *
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