Satoyama Presents! Hive Mind Apiculture and Pollinator Garden Tour
Hive Mind Apiculture and Pollinator Garden Tour
Saturday, June 23, 2018 1:00-3:00pm
Satoyama Homestead:

What's the buzz about bees? Find out about bees and apiculture and the significance of pollinators to any garden, and to our food chain. Learn from Satoyama Homestead's resident apiculturist what you can plant to help our fuzzy friends, and why bees knees really are that great.

Make & Take: Pollinator-friendly seed bombs

This Satoyama Presents! event is free of charge. In-kind and voluntary donations are appreciated and tax-deductible.
Suggested in-kind donations: Healthy, pollinator-friendly plants or seeds; light labor (weeding, planting)
Suggested voluntary donation: $15
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