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You are asked to read all the terms stated below and agree all in order to complate your application.Rest assured that your application will be received if you see a message stating that your application has been successful,after clicking on ''Submit'' button.
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In case of necessity, do you accept a change in committee and position/country made by the Secretariat instead of your preferences.
Term II *
I understand that all applications will be subjected to evaluation by Secretariat of ERÜNAL Model United Nations Conferance 2020 and therefore applying does not entail acceptence.
Term III *
I agree that the e-mail address that i provided in the form will be my offical means of contact and therefore all e-mails sent by any of the Academic and Operations Team members before, during and after the conferance have a status of official notification.
Term IV *
I am aware that I am required to submit the participation fee within six bussiness days following the acceptance of my application and otherwise the Secretariat has the right to drop my application.
Term V *
I understand that no refund will be made after completing the payment,unless there is a mistake caused by the Operations Team.
Term VI *
I declare that all information ı have given in this application is accurate and I will be help responsible for any problems caused by the inaccuarcy of the provided information
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