Blue Stars Therapy Play Kit Placement Quiz
At Blue Stars Therapy, we pride ourselves on teaching within the way the child best learns, and play is a vital part of the learning process, which is why each play kit is curated to target specific learning objectives based on your child's current skill set.

Unsure which Play Kit to start with? Take this short quiz to find out prior to purchasing. Two important things to note before you begin:

1. We will ask about certain behaviors and abilities. For developmental purposes, a behavior is something the child has done multiple times per day for more than 3 days.

2. You will receive an email with your responses upon submission. Please click "view score" in the email and reference the key below to indicate which Play Kit to choose:

Level 1: 0-3 points
Level 2: 4-6 points
Level 3: 7-9 points
Level 4: 10-12 points
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Does your child know how to roll a car, roll/throw a ball or stack a block? *
1 point
Does your child play with toys how they are meant to be played with? *
1 point
Can your child play with a toy independently that requires the same action repeatedly? For ex: place a ring on the ring stacker 3-5 times in a row. *
1 point
Does your child sequence various steps on a toy? (Ex: takes the lid off a shape sorter, dumps out the shapes, places the lid on, and places shapes in, then repeats?) *
1 point
Does your child combine related objects in play? For example, independently use a spoon to stir food in a bowl or a hair brush on a baby doll's hair? *
1 point
Does your child complete play acts on themselves or others? For example, places a hat or glasses on themselves to "dress up" or pretends to eat food. *
1 point
Does your child use blocks or other building materials in varied ways to create specific objects as a part of a play scheme? For example, a house, a car, an animal? *
1 point
Does your child independently sequence 3+ pretend play acts. For example, feeds the baby, rocks the baby, puts it in the bed, and covers it up. *
1 point
Does your child play with figurines and place them appropriately on furniture, in vehicles, etc? *
1 point
Does your child use an object to represent another object? For example, uses a banana to be a telephone. *
1 point
Does your child "play out" real life events? For example, Pretend its his or her birthday or that they are going to the doctor? *
1 point
Does your child use language to take on a character role in play with other children and carry out that play scheme? For example, your child may pretend to be or state "I am the daddy / mommy / dog." *
1 point
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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