2021 Band Parent Volunteer Survey
The Summit Marching Band Boosters support the band and staff in ALL areas of the program as they strive to create an environment where your students can thrive and achieve personal and collective goals.

There are SO many ways to support your student as they do what they love! We encourage you to think about your interests, skills and talents and how you can use those for the enrichment of the band program.

Our program requires an enormous amount of behind the scenes activity both in preparation and implementation. Harnessing the 'power of everybody' is essential in developing the Spartan Spirit of community and working together toward our common goal. Your gift of service will ensure that our kids are able to concentrate on playing, marching and performing to the best of their ability, and that our directors are able to concentrate on teaching & directing, fostering relationships with and between our kids and bring out the best in our students.

All of us have interests and skills that when put to use, enable us to make a meaningful difference. Actively supporting and engaging in this important program, to which our children have such a high level of dedication and work ethic, gives them and their friends positive role models, stronger self-esteem by making them feel appreciated and respected, and inspires them to develop a commitment to service (both now and in the future). Deciding to willingly and generously serve, gives us as parents, the ability to be participants rather than simply spectators, fosters ownership in the band program and friendships with other families, as well as a connection to purpose and shared experiences with our children that develop into an increased sense of family cohesion and lifelong family memories.

If you are not sure what volunteer area might be a best fit for you, feel free to get involved in a variety of experiences! As you explore different opportunities, we believe you will soon discover your niche in a particular area of service.
**Look for those opportunities in which you will be the most fulfilled
**Look for those opportunities in which you seem to be the most effective
**Look for those opportunities in which others affirm your abilities

Some people need to experience something different than what they do in their everyday life. Others are happier working with something familiar. Either way, we encourage you to complete the 'profile' section of this form, as we often will use your unique information to connect you with a special service opportunity that may arise in which your talents, skills and experience would be a good match.
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