Callisburg ISD Learning Pathways COMMITMENT Survey 2020-2021
The purpose of this follow-up survey is to LOCK in your final commitment to either on-campus instruction or online remote instruction. Please fill out one survey for each of your children.
* Students will be required to remain in your chosen learning pathway for the entire 6 weeks grading period.
* Students MUST have RELIABLE internet access in order to choose online remote instruction.
* If you do NOT respond to this survey by Monday, August 3rd by 8:00 am , your child will be enrolled in on-campus instruction.
* To assist you with making your decision, please see more detailed information (Online Remote Learning Pathway Information/On-campus Learning Pathway Information) about the 2 different options on the CISD Website and/or CISD Facebook page. The information can be found within the Callisburg Return to School Plan which you will find posted there.
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Student Grade Level for this year *
CISD will have two pathways for learning during the 2020-2021 school year. Which pathway works best for you and your family? *
If you have multiple students and chose online remote instruction, do you have enough devices for each child to work simultaneously? (Device is defined as laptop, Chromebook or tablet) *
If you answered NO to the question above; How many devices will you need?
Do you have enough internet capability for ALL of your children to be on the internet simultaneously? *
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